refund policy

This refund policy is only to individuals who

  • Booked car/bike service through this portal and service is cancelled
  • List their car for sale on this portal and their car doesn't get sold within listing period
  • Has paid for car/bike service and service is not delivered

Dealers, brokers or those individuals who trade in cars are not eligible.

Xetlynx reserves the right to require a valid proof of payment before processing the refund.

As far as is possible, refunds will be processed via wallet. Refunds are non-transferable and cheques will be

prepared only on the name as on record with Xetlynx. Cheques will be couriered to the address on record with Xetlynx and to locations within India only, within 30 days of receiving the refund request.

Under no circumstances will refunds be paid out in cash. All decisions with respect to the refund claim are at the sole discretion of Xetlynx, and no enquiries will be entertained.

Xetlynx reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any or all of the terms and conditions of this refund policy at any time without prior notice.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these policies shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Jaipur only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute a claim against Xetlynx.

All individuals who wish to avail of the refund accept the Terms and Conditions of entry as specified above.

The individual will only be eligible for a refund equal to the amount paid by him / her to Xetlynx at the time of listing their car on the website.

The refund amount can only be claimed between Day 15 and Day 30, counting from the first day the service or used car listing period is over on Requests for refunds before or after this time period will strictly not be entertained. Xetlynx is unable to accept requests in advance of this time period.

Listings for which refunds are claimed will be removed from permanently, irrespective of whether they have been renewed or not

Refund & Credit Process

  • Customer has to call or write at Customer Care Contact
  • Email will be sent to customer detailing the refund process and docs list to be submitted.
  • Docs has to submitted for refund process
  • Once Application form and Documents are received by Xetlynx, Refund claim needs to be approved by concerned Business and Finance authority.
  • Refund will be credited to customer’s wallet if approved.

Contact Details:

Xetlynx AutoCorp Private Limited

401, B-6 City Centre, Central Spine, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur-302039 Email: [email protected] , Phone: +91 96 101 85558
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